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Winter 2022

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Road trip anyone?

A young family visits Bellevue House National Historic Site.

Get inspired and find the best itinerary for your next trip! Whether you’re departing from Toronto, Calgary or Halifax, we’ve prepared great itineraries for you. Browse ideas for a getaway close to home or discover new Canadian destinations far and wide.

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Aquatic super-forest

Video: Blue Carbon Explained at Parks Canada

Did you know that coastal ecosystems, particularly salt marshes and eelgrass meadows, have an impressive capacity to take up and store CO₂ (carbon dioxide), a major greenhouse gas and driver of climate change? These “blue carbon” sinks can hold up to 5 times the amount of carbon absorbed by forests of similar size! One hectare (the size of 2 football fields) of salt marsh may contain the same amount of carbon produced by 488 cars in a year.

Find out more about these unique ecosystems and how scientists are working to reveal their true worth. #ParksCanadaConservation

Stock up on short sleeves!

A man and a woman wearing Parks Canada t-shirts sit on a dock by a lake as the sun sets.

As the days lengthen and the sun melts away the snow, spring’s long awaited renewal is almost upon us! Get ready for warmer days ahead and the return of lightweight clothing. Visit the Parks Canada Shop for T-shirts, caps and more.

In 2022, online purchases will support research to better understand shark species around Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

Spotlight on…

Yoho National Park

A place of towering waterfalls, 500 million-year-old fossils and engineering marvels born of human ingenuity.

Historic image of a stream train travelling up the steep Kicking Horse Pass, with the Kicking Horse River in the backgound.
Connecting a nation

Named for an infamous kick, the Kicking Horse Pass in Yoho National Park is the legendary corridor that opened British Columbia to the rest of Canada.

From the Spiral Tunnels viewpoint, watch Canadian engineering in action as trains disappear into one tunnel and emerge from another down steep Rocky Mountain slopes.

A Parks Canada interpreter and visitor study a pine cone from the endangered Whitebark Pine at Paget Lookout.
Conservation in action

Get the Parks Canada insider’s experience and discover how we are helping to recover important mountain habitats.

Join a conservation guided hike; walk among endangered whitebark pine trees, and discover the surprising connections on how these trees and the animals depend on one another.

A single hiker walks high on the Ice Line trail in the Yoho Valley, with Takakkaw Falls in the background.
A hiker’s paradise

In the shadow of the continental divide, explore endless trails, historic mountain huts, towering rock walls, spectacular waterfalls, and natural wonders hiding the secrets of ancient ocean life.

Discover these awe-inspiring mountain landscapes shaped by ice and water. Plan your perfect summer hike in Yoho this year.