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Summer 2021

The COVID-19 situation varies from one province to another. Whether you are planning an outing close to home or simply dreaming of future travel, please plan ahead and be prepared! Visit our website for the latest COVID-19-related information.

Learn, appreciate, acknowledge!

A Mi’kmaq woman plays a drum on the shore overlooking the mouth of the Hillsborough River in Skmaqn–Port-la-Joye–Fort Amherst National Historic Site.

In June, we commemorate National Indigenous History Month to recognize the history, heritage, strength and diversity of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples in Canada. Take this opportunity to learn more about Indigenous cultures, histories and perspectives.

This year, National Indigenous History Month is dedicated to the missing children, the families left behind and the survivors of residential schools.

Parks Canada works with Indigenous partners from coast to coast to coast to protect and share the stories of heritage places across the country. Find out more about how we work together by watching these inspiring stories.

Support beluga whales

 Two images side by side; one with a couple sitting in a field, wearing Parks Canada hoodies and the other with a beluga whale.

Did you know that the St. Lawrence beluga whale is an endangered species? In 2021, every online merchandise purchase will help fund scientific monitoring of the beluga whale at Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park.

Grab a special piece that brings back memories of past trips and support research that will inform strong conservation measures for beluga habitat! Check out Parks Canada Shop today.

Peddle your way through a fantastic summer!

Two visitors riding fat bikes along the beach on the South Shore Trail in Riding Mountain National Park.

Whether you like touring, mountain biking or a fun family ride; get ready to be blown away by breathtaking views!

Discover the many places, and the many ways, you can explore Parks Canada on your bike.

Wild about wolves

Wolf photo taken by motion-activated trail camera in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

We share the landscape with an impressive diversity of wildlife and coexisting with them is key to their survival and our safety! In Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, the number of human-wolf interactions have increased significantly over the years.

How can you help? Read up on the Wild About Wolves research project to learn what Parks Canada and Indigenous Elders are doing to increase understanding of wolves and to raise awareness for visitors and local residents about the importance of sharing space with these majestic animals. #ParksCanadaConservation

Spotlight on…

Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site

Remains of Canada’s first industrial village

View of the Grande Maison and the hills surrounding the Forges du Saint-Maurice.
A rich history

Did you know that the Forges du Saint-Maurice was the first iron industry in Canada?

For more than 150 years, a community of craftsmen manufactured a variety of iron objects to supply the colony and its defense.

Discover the history and engineering behind this historic place.

The lower forge during the repair of the chimney.
Preserving the past

Imagine having to refurbish the oldest standing chimney in Canada! This is just one of the meticulous projects that has been accomplished at this national historic site.

Take a look at the unique restoration work that helps to maintain and protect the rich history of this place for future generations to come.

Promotional poster of Diabolus Ex Machina.
Step back in time

New this summer: Diabolus ex machina, an exclusive self-guided tour created by Fred Pellerin.

Inspired by the rich local folklore, this work will plunge you into the legendary universe of the Forges du Saint-Maurice!

Other immersive experiences await you this summer!